Sudoku Rubik’s Cube: Two Challenges in One

How many of you have successfully solved the Rubik’s cube? And how many of you have solved Sudoko puzzles? These are two marvelous puzzles that keep a person baffled for long. What happens when the two come together? You get a Sudoku Rubik’s Cube which is sure to be rated as a puzzle of all puzzles.

With a Sudoku Rubik’s Cube you can guarantee yourself hours of entertainment, if you are the puzzle solving type of person. If you are not, you are bound to end up racking your brains at the cube.

Sudoku comes in various sizes with the larger ones being the more challenging. The smaller the grid the easier it is. Not so in the case of the cube. The cube has only nine squares on one side but the challenge lies in solving all six sides together. You cannot go one face at a time as you are sure to mess up one side when solving another. The technique to be applied here would be the same as used in solving the Rubik’s to some extent. Remember the Rubik’s only has colors. This one has numbers instead and each number has a specific place.

Sudoku and Rubik’s are two puzzles which are almost like an addiction for its admirers. If you have known people who love these challenges you will realize that they can stay hooked on to them for hours. It is a known fact that the more we use our brains the sharper it becomes. These two all time favourite puzzles have all the ingredients in them to fulfil this purpose. No matter at what stage in life one picks them up, its benefits are sure to be seen. They help enhance problem solving skills; they develop logical thinking and also help develop the skill of being patient. Eventually such skills are sure to lead to success in life.

The Sudoku Rubik’s Cube is a combination of two puzzles. Each one in isolation is a tricky one to solve. Put together they present an even tougher task to accomplish which calls for your whole hearted attention. The more challenging a puzzle the more interesting it becomes. If you belong to the group of people who will not give up a puzzle until you have solved it this piece is perfect for you. Grab one for yourself before this amazing and engrossing piece of creation runs out of stock. It is priced at $5.39.

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Via: Red Ferret