RC WALL-E Replica Moves, Makes Sounds, Doesn’t Clean Up Waste

The creator of this life-size WALL-E replica must have been anything than satisfied with the computer generated version of the scrap cleaning robot, since he went out of his way to create a good old-fashioned metal one that can even be controlled remotely.

Sure, there have been plenty of WALL-E toys around ever since Disney-Pixar launched the movie, back in 2008, but fans have always wanted more than that. Luckily, Michael McMaster, the founder of the WALL-E Builder’s Club managed to create a 1-to-1 copy of the googly-eyed robot. The replica was featured a few days ago on YouTube Geek Week.

Mike McMaster did not bring only the Disney-Pixar character to life, but also an R2-D2 droid and several other such pets. All these cute creators have made a home out of Mike’s workshop, which in turn is found at this man’s orange farm in the middle of California. That’s a bit of an unexpected place for the workshop of a robotics expert, but hey, whatever makes the man tick is ok, right?

The R2-D2 droid found at the farm isn’t the only, nor the first one to come out of Mike’s hands. He’s been building Star Wars droids for a few years now, but recently he felt that he needs to build a different type of robot, one that gets to people’s hearts when looking at them with those eyes. Building the to-scale WALL-E replica was a lot more challenging, to state the obvious. R2-D2 was seen on screen numerous times, and comparing it to a human wasn’t that difficult. WALL-E, on the other hand, was only seen in the computer-generated variety. Screen grabs from the animated flick were used for figuring out the scale of WALL-E, along with a Rubik’s cube and a video tape that were featured in the movie. Watching the full HD Blu-Ray of the animated movie helped a lot with the details.

As seen in the above photo and the following video, the WALL-E replice can be controlled remotely. As though that was not enough, this lovely life-size WALL-E also makes sounds.

The WALL-E replica may not be as intelligent as the original, but that does not make it any less cute. It’s easy to tell that Mike and his friends have invested a lot of time into building this robot, and their attention to details is more than obvious.

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