Xbox One Release Date Could be Two Weeks Before PS4 Launch

Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PS4 are each other’s biggest competition but the Xbox One could trump Sony’s consoles as it could have an earlier release date.

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In the eyes of many critics and potential consumers alike, Microsoft’s next-generation games console, the Xbox One, is at a huge disadvantage to Sony’s next-gen offering, the PS4. They’ve gone toe to toe on how many teraFLOPS each other have, they’ve battled it out on policies and services that they can offer and they are currently on the frontline fighting it out over exclusive games and launch software and in most of those instances, the PS4 has beaten the Xbox One to take the crown. However, there is one competition that Xbox One is rumoured to have a headstart in and that’s its release date, as the console could very well launch two weeks before the PS4.

Xbox One Toys R Us listing image

Strategically, both companies, Sony and Microsoft, have only announced vague ‘Holiday 2013’ release dates for their consoles, but retailer Toys R Us may have just let the cat out of the bag as their UK website sets the Xbox One release date as November 29th.  While you can see that in the screenshot of the Xbox One listing above, the PS4 listing pictured below suggests that the PS4 release date will be December 13th, just in time for Christmas. Interestingly, despite news of the release dates having circled the Internet long enough for Toys R Us to know about it, these same release dates for the Xbox One and the PS4, are still both present on their site. Guilty of a leak, Toys R Us would have removed the release dates straight away (effectively confirming the dates for us), so this leaves some doubt as to whether the unconfirmed dates are true or not.

PS4 Toys R Us listing image

Should the dates prove to be correct, this could be disastrous for Sony’s console as Microsoft got the jump on them last time with the current generation of consoles (the Xbox 360 and the PS3), releasing the Xbox 360 a year before Sony’s machine made it onto store shelves, putting the Xbox 360 ahead in terms of sales. If it happens again with this generation, Sony could ‘lose’ the video game console race once more.

Sony and Microsoft have yet to confirm the release dates of the PS4 and the Xbox One but we’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: techradar

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