You Can Buy an Actual, Real-Size Batmobile & Drive It

I never really liked the Drew Carey show, but I kinda liked the episode in which he gets to drive around in the Batmobile until it’s taken from him because he didn’t follow the rules (fooled around in the car with his girlfriend).

Batmobile replica

But it’s not just TV show material now. You can purchase the Batmobile from the Dark Knight & Batman Begins through the James Edition luxury marketplace website. The best part? It’s completely legal, which means it’s just an ordinary street car in the eyes of the law, only it’s 1000 times more awesome than anything that gets on the road.

There are cheaper options, like these epic homemade versions for you to check out.

So if you have £598,000 of spare change (I’m not sure if they’re willing to haggle), it’s time to step on it because there are only five of them in existence.