Real, Working Spider-Man Web Shooter: Go Out And Defend New York, Now!

Inhabitants of New York, be glad! Now there’s an actual, real possibility of getting an army of Spider-men to defend your city, just like in the comics!


While Peter Parker does have actual super-powers, there’s something endearing about the fact that he created his own main weapons, the web-shooters he uses to fight crime. And if a mere teenager (a genius one, but we digress) could figure out how to create these, and traverse the city in them, it’s only a surprise it’s taken us almost 50 years to figure it out, too. Ok, fine, the traversing the city bit might be a stretch, but here is a start.  This is a creation by Patrick Priebe that isn’t exactly sticky, but more like a miniature harpoon gun themed after the web-slinger. See it working in the videos below!

Keep going for another video!

Source: Geekosystem

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