Renaissance Era Paintings Inspired By Classic Video Games

From artist Dan Hernandez come a gallery of paintings that blend iconic games and iconic art.

Dan Hernandez Defenders of Ataros image

Coming soon to the Kim Foster Gallery in New York City are the works of artist Dan Hernandez, whose latest pieces bring together the unthinkable duo of classic video games and Italian Renaissance-styled portraits into individual masterpieces.

In his second solo exhibition, entitled “Genesis,” Dan chose some of his favorite games of his childhood and portrayed them in a style that is more fitting a cathedral in Rome, being worshiped by the holiest of monks, than in a downtown gallery in the Big Apple being gawked by a bunch of nerds (uh, no offense, guys and gals.)

Dan Hernandez Space Invaders Fresco image

They are really something else; each canvas is sprawling with 15th & 16th century hallmarks, the kind of artistic flourishes that the greats of the era used, and brilliantly mixed with the gaming likes of Space Invaders, Missile Command, and even that pesky plumber himself, Super Mario. It’s video games as art, and it’s flippin’ wild.

You can see the rest of Dan’s work over at the Kim Foster Gallery website, or you can make a pilgrimage to New York City from now until April 26 to see them in person.

Via: BoingBoing

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