Soon You’ll Be Able to Recharge Your Smartphone With Urine

British scientists have apparently figured out a way to make some good use out of urine, turning it into something we can use to recharge our battery-eating smartphones.

How? The urine and other organic matter pass through a series of microbial fuel cells, containing tiny microbes that consume and metabolize the liquid into small amounts of energy.

The scientists created a system that transfers the collected energy into a capacitor, and the power of the pee ended up giving a small charge directly to a Samsung smartphone.

Charging Phone With Urine

Ioannis Ieropoulos from the University of the West of EnglandSo far, the microbial fuel power stack that we have developed generates enough power to enable SMS messaging, Web browsing and to make a brief phone call. We are currently bidding for funding to work alongside partners in the U.S. and South Africa to develop a smart toilet

One potential use could be the installation of microbial fuel cells into public restrooms, which could draw power from urine and deliver electricity to lighting, smartphone chargers, showers, and so forth.

There is something that actually separates hydrogen from water and other liquids, using it as fuel to charge a smartphone: The Powertrekk fuel cell charger. It may not be much, but it appears like having a little bit too much to drink might end up helping you keep your battery alive.

Urine can be cool, just so you know, like these Urine-powered Video Games that are slowly appearing across the world to the enjoyment of drunk people.