Urine-Controlled Video Games: Public Restrooms Just Got Cooler

On average, a visit to the toilet, or the loo, depending where you are in the world, takes an average of 55 second for a number one. Well, a UK company called Captive Media has decided to make that almost-minute a whole lot more fun by installing a urinal controlled video game in a London bar.

The company claim that they have invented the first hands-free video game, but SEGA has already introduced toylets in Japan earlier this year. The British invention does seem cooler, first or not.

The system has been installed at one venue so far, the Exhibit Bar in Balham, a South London neighborhood. Due to the successful trial runs in Cambridge and later in Balham, the system will spread to the rest of the UK in 2012. From now on, when you see a group of guys High Fivin’ after a trip, you know they didn’t just pee. They peed and got some trivia answers or shot down some penguins.

You don’t need a vivid imagination to understand how the system work, with sensors at the bottom of the urinal reacting to yellow streams of drunk customers. Has the day arrived when we will go to bars primarily for the bathroom experience?

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