New Redfish Multimeter Syncs With iDevices

While the field of voltmeters is a narrow one, there is always a market for better and more efficient. Redfish Inc. has come out with a device called the iDVM which wirelessly syncs to your iPhone or iPad.

This new Redfish product is said to make measuring and utilizing voltage, current, and resistance data that much easier thanks to the its wirelessly syncing with your iPhone, iPod touch or even the iPad. The iDVM even has an app that you can download free with purchase of the voltmeter that will give you a much larger readout than other voltmeters and will even speak the data you have collected using the device so you can keep your eye on what you are doing.

This particular voltmeter is actually being billed as a huge advance in this kind of technology because the ability to sync with an iDevice such as the iPad allows so much more data to be recorded and displayed.

For those who need to work with this kind of device on a daily basis, it can seem a bit tedious to have to use the older versions of the voltmeters and read out tiny measurements on a device that was never really built to give detailed information. Because you can now use the larger iPad screen you will be able to see the information you are recording from farther away and because the iDevice and the iDVM sync using your wireless internet network there is no need to have the two devices sitting right next to each other. This also makes it easier for someone working in one room to quickly and easily transmit the data to someone in the other room without there being much chance of a number being transposed or the chance for dangerous or ineffective miscommunications. Because the app actually stores the data there is no need to memorize any of the data you record, nor the time wasting need to go back and measure again when doing comparisons.

The Redfish iDVM is scheduled to start shipping to interested buyers on June 1st straight from the Redfish website and will cost $220 per unit along with the totally free downloadable app.