Friday Android App Allows You To View Ancient Smartphone History

While the iTunes app store is currently the undisputed king of Smartphone apps, Google’s Android Market is just now starting to make a dent in Apple’s supremacy thanks to some neat new applications being released.

There have been some very cool Android only apps that have been released in the last few months. One of those is geared to allow users to actually an app to control different appliances in the home while another works a bit like a master foursquare that can actually alert you when your friends are nearby. Still one of the best apps for Android isn’t quite on the market yet but it is headed that way quite quickly.

The Friday app is quite simple in what it claims to do and yet it is quite a powerful little app that can help Android users quite a bit. The purpose of Friday is to virtually go back in time when it comes to the way you’ve used you Smartphone. Of course while time travel is impossible, going back and looking at the actions your Smartphone has taken over the last couple of days or weeks is quite possible and can be a site to behold.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the Friday app is that it doesn’t merely show you the actions you have taken with the phone after you install the app but it knows how to access the history of the phone since the day you first turned it on. With this particular app you can look at who you called on the very first day and how many times you have called them since. Want to see who you emailed on a certain day? The Friday app will also be able to provide you that information.

Already convinced of all the neat things this app can do for you? Wanting to get your hands on Friday as soon as possible? It isn’t quite so easy just yet. Friday is still in the Alpha release phase but you can sign up on their website and you might just get an invitation to try this free app out.