The Television Remote Control Wristwatch

Universal remote controls have become quite popular lately, especially with certain brands finally able to troubleshoot incompatibilities while also being able to control a wide variety of electronics from your TV to your DVR to your Playstation 3. Hammacher Schlemmer has raised the bar by introducing the Television Remote Control Wristwatch.

This very ‘gadgety’/’techie’ looking watch not only does the essentials like telling the time and date, but also serves as the ultimate universal remote.

Universal Remote Control Wristwatch

Ultimate TV Remote Watch

The six buttons sticking out on the bezel control volume, power on/off, channel up/down, as well as play, rewind, and fast-forward for movies and possibly DVRs. Like any other universal remote, you just need to know the three-digit code for the device you wish to assume control of, enter it in, and the power is in your hands (or, rather, on your wrist).

If you’re tired of juggling multiple remotes, this is certainly a good way to consolidate them into one device. Practical and stylish, this watch also has some very fun uses. If you live with your family or others, this watch makes you Supreme Ruler of your television, able to change channels at your whim no matter if the remote is in the hands of someone else or simply out of reach. Furthermore, since you’d presumably wear the watch most of the day, you’d also be able to control devices in other locations. Whether you’re at a bar/restaurant, the gym, or even just a friend’s house, you can slyly operate televisions from a distance while looking as if you’re doing nothing more than checking the time or setting your watch’s alarm.

If you think you can handle this amount of sheer power, you can purchase this watch for $99.95. If, however, you prefer your universal remote controls to be more standard rather than worn on your wrist, you might prefer the awesomely-named Infinity Remote or Cyclops Remote.