Drop Your Controllers: 20 Super Geeky Video Game Cupcakes

There is no need to get frustrated over a challenge that you can’t win or get bored of an old repetitious video game. If you don’t want a video game aymore, just eat it. If you have no idea what we are talking about, check out 20 ultra delicious video game inspired cupcakes. Bon appetit!

Pac-man Cupcakes

Pac-man is one of the most popular video games of all time. The ravenous Pacman who has captured the heart of millions of fans is now coming back for a new mission: to make even non Pac-man fan feel ravenous.


Image Source: Hello Naomi

Those cupcakes from Flickr user hello_naomi look astonishingly authentic and delicious.


Image Source: cupcakesnouveau

Our little Pac-man finally grew up and got married. Here comes Ms. Pac-man presented by Cupcakes Nouveau as a combination of the mischief of Pac-man and the grace of Hello Kitty.


Image Source: Star Bakery

However, he probably still enjoys his time alone more. This Pac-man vanilla cupcake is topped with sweet vanilla whipped butter cream, and a marshmallow fondant Pac-man figure.


And those Pac-man cupcakes, baked  by Picture Perfect Cakes with red, yellow and green colors are perfect for Christmas or any happy occasion.


Image Source: Vickie Howell

Vickie Howell’s son is the luckiest kid in the world when he had his Mom baking these super cute pixelated Pac-man cupcakes for his birthday party.


Image Source: Technabob

Geeks’ imagination has no limit when it comes to food. This is yet another Pac-man cupcake from SugarRobot’s Esty store.

Space Invaders Cupcakes


Image Source: Hello Naomi

Hello_naomi did it again with these wonderful Space Invaders cupcakes. Poor those space invaders! They have traveled through years of light to Earth just to be eaten up by greedy humans.

Super Mario Bros Cupcakes

There is no reason why Pac-man and Space Invaders cupcakes are there and Super Mario Bros cupcakes are not. Super Mario, Luigi, Goomba, Koopa, etc. have been featured deliciously by various geeky bakers.


Image Source: Blog de Franco

Whoever did it deserves a hat’s off. It must have taken him a lot of time to prepare all the colors needed and then to arrange them into this fantastic cupcake version of Super Mario.


Image Source: Geekologie

Little cupcake spares provide a wonderful material for pixelated creation, and somebody did it beautifully for his wedding cake with a giant pixel Super Mario.


Image Source: alicebluebonnet

The Super Mario mushroom cupcakes look awesomely original with those signature “Question mark” coaster made using hama beads.


Image Source: Hello Naomi

It’s not surprising when the photo of these amazing Super Mario cupcakes got more than 124,000 views and more than 1000 likes on Flickr.


Image Source: clevercupcakes

Montreal-based baker clevercupcakes struck again with these ultra detailed Super Mario cupcakes. They are made of blue vanilla buttercream, topped with handmade fondant Blooper, Mario, and Goomba.


Image Source: HowSoonIsNow

The 1up mushroom cannot look sweeter in this edible form. 1up for whoever baked it.

Mario Kart Wii Cupcake


Image Source: A Little Taste of Heave

If you love those Super Mario Bros cupcakes above, you will definitely love these Mario Kart Wii cupcakes, baked by A Little Taste of Heaven’s baker in red and green themes.

Mii Cupcakes


Image Source: Bakerella

Made by Bakerella for her win a Wii contest, those Mii cupcakes are too scrumptious to be missed even by non Wii enthusiasts.

Wii Cupcakes

We live in an era where no geek is considered until he has a Wii. Thus, it’s no surprise when there are so many cupcakes dedicated to this new age addiction.


Image Source: Angelina Cupcake

“Have a Wii-cked birthday” with Wii and iPod cupcakes, baked by Angelina Cupcake.


Image Source: SweetToothFairy

Or would you enjoy a “Wii-diculous” birthday more?


Image Source: Once Upon a Cupcake

Wii cupcakes from Once Upon a Cupcake are no less cool with a Wii logo and a play button on each cupcake.

Xbox Controller Cupcake


Image Source: Soof the Geek

If you are not much into Wii, you might want to check out this wonderful Xbox Controller cupcake from Lily’s Cupcakes.

Video Game Logo Cupcakes


Liana at Star Bakery gave her husband a serious trouble when she made these video game logo cupcakes for his birthday. Now he has to face with a dilemma: to eat them or to preserve them.