Tron Graffiti Up In Shoreditch Embelishes The Walls

East London houses a lot of interesting street art pieces, but this one, being particularly geeky, caught our attention, as it’s inspired in Tron.

Tron Graffiti 1

We don’t know a lot about these pictures except for the fact that they were officially commissioned by Disney themselves. We’d like to point out who’s the creator of these, in any case, so we could give proper credit!

Tron Graffiti 2

Tron Graffiti 3

The murals depict some of the scenes and characters from the most recent entry in the Tron saga, Tron: Legacy. An interesting detail, though, that can be only appreciated in the final picture of this set is that they all combine in a bigger, continuous picture, which is pretty awesome.

Tron Graffiti 4

Tron Graffiti 5

We want to thank the guys at It’s The Shiznit for spotting these and taking these pictures.

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