Retro Gaming Kicks: Converse X Super Mario Bros. Sneakers

A pair of Converse All Stars turned Super Mario All Stars – in the most awesome way ever.

Converse X Super Mario Bros. Sneakers image 1

I doubt wearing a pair of these sneaks will grant me the power to jump super high or shoot fireballs from my fingers, but at least I would be one sharp-looking dude (and I’ll take it!).

Available in Japan come this August for ¥21,600 ( that’s about $215 USD) – and sadly, oh so sadly, only in Japan – are these ridiculously cool Converse X Super Mario Bros. shoes, which are absolutely dripping from heel-to-toe with nostalgia of the classic 8-bit platformer on the NES.

Converse X Super Mario Bros. Sneakers image 2

Red or green, much like the colored suspenders Mario & Luigi each wear in the game, will be the two styles to choose from for these Super Mario-inspired “Chuck Taylors.” Each color variant with their own neat little trappings, like retro Mario or either Bowser appearing on the sneaker’s tongue.

Converse X Super Mario Bros. Sneakers image 3

Shout-out to cutely altering Converse’s trademark “All Star” logo into an invisiblity star on the side of these suede-looking bad boys. I love that particular touch, especially.

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