13 Best Harry Potter Jokes & Memes

Harry Potter is never truly out of our lives. It’s been seven years since the final book; three years since the final film. But J.K. Rowling keeps it alive, and so do the fans with memes and jokes that never seem to grow old, among other ways making Harry Potter timeless.

So with Rowling pulling off a little treat, releasing a Harry Potter short in the form of a newspaper report by Rita Skeeter on the Quidditch World Cup, it’s a good opportunity to remind everyone just how good Harry Potter memes and puns can be.

Still, Always

After all this time

A Dumble Door

A Dumble Door

The Best of the Many HP Name Puns

Name Game

Seducing Malfoy

Malfoy Getting Seduced


Things You’ll Find at Home


Snape’s on a Plane

Snapes on a plane

Keepers Look Bad



Animagi Puns

Animal Puns

Cedric, AKA Edward, on a Coffee Cup

HP Coffee

Lorde Voldermort

Lorde Voldermort


A Joke for Adults & Kids

A joke for adults and kids


Sirius Burns Voldermort

Sirius Burns Voldermort


The HP Condom

A Condom


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