Modern Times: “Revolutio” Watch Design

Man’s obsession with keeping track of time has led him to engineer numerous time-telling devices throughout history. From ancient sundials to modern wristband watches, we’ve come a long way in this pursuit. It looks like the path from now on will not be signed so much by the appearance of new instruments but rather by the innovation in design, a perfect example of which is Mickael Chrost’s concept for the “Revolutio” watch.

Watch 01

In keeping with the minimalist trends that pervade contemporary art in all its forms, Mickael presents us with a watch immediately remarkable for its clean, stripped-down appearance. The “Revolutio” consists of three concentric metallic rings placed on a rubber wristband. The outer ring is branded with four dashes of light that stand for what would be the numbers 12, 3, 6 and 9 on a regular watch, while the inner circles show miniature triangles that represent the minute and hour hands, respectively. In essence, it’s an analog watch with a fresh twist and it may appeal to lovers of the traditional and the cutting-edge alike.

Watch 2

The outer ring stays put, the other two rotate in order to indicate time. It’s as easy as that, there’s no need of a face to get the job done. In the past, men used to tell time by gazing up at the celestial bodies. The idea of rings that orbit planet-like around each other to fulfill a similar purpose is certainly stimulating.

Watch 03

Faceless watches with holes at the center have been done before, take for instance Phillipe Starck’s Fossil O-Ring Digi. Still, Mickael has polished the notion enough to make it his own and the “Revolutio” stands out for its sheer cool factor.

Watch 04

A standard watch engine makes the rings turn, though one wonders where it might be placed. Besides, the issue of bothersome buckles is solved through the incorporation of a slick magnetic clasp as a means of attaching it to your wrist.

Watch 05

Simple color variations keep things crisp and make the watch as much a fashion accessory as it is a practical object of daily use.

Some concepts ought to remain as such; the “Revolutio” is definitely not one of them. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled just in case this baby goes into production.

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Via: Format Magazine