RoboCop Video Surveillance Camera

RoboCop probably changed the way perceive robots and how much they can help us in our real lives. It helped us to imagine a world that would be policed by robots and probably nurtured and protected by them as well.

With that in mind, the police authorities in Kunming, China have unveiled RoboCop armors that double up as video surveillance cameras. Those who are being followed or being chased may look for a RoboCop nearby and push the red button. By doing so, the victim will alert police authorities and also set off an alarm loud enough to wake up everyone in the vicinity.

The police claims that the crime has reduced by 68.8%. They do note that a lot of children (and even adults) have set off false alarms due to curiosity. The 2-meter tall RoboCop Surveillance Cameras cost $3170 each and pushing the red button dials 110, which is the Chinese emergency number.

If you thought the Chinese already had secret police standing in every corner, it actually might be wrong. They have secret RoboCops that protect the citizens instead of scaring them away. you could also go ahead and take a look at RoboCop Art which we had featured sometime ago.