Wooden USA Map Wall Decoration Sculpture

There is nothing better than bragging about an adventurous road trip that you may have enjoyed several years ago.

If you need props to brag more efficiently, you could go ahead and get yourself this amazing Wood USA Map Wall Decoration Sculpture. The map sculpture has been created by the MastersofFate and is incredibly detailed and artistic.

Each state is cut with hand and is strained individually. In fact, the staining and coloring can be done as you wish. If you would like to add rivers, routes, certain words or just about anything to the state, the guys at MastersofFate allow you to do that as well. The map sculpture measures 6 inches and can be bought with all the states stuck together or separated.

If you would like to use it as a giant puzzle, you could purchase it for $395 and if you want your puzzling map sculpture bare without any embellishments of staining, carving and unattached to each other, you can purchase the wooden pieces for $245. However, if you decide to purchase the sculpture as shown in the pictures with all the customizations and all the states joined together, you would have to pay $495, which is not very expensive for such a beautiful sculpture. You could also learn how to pace through London with Pacman Map.