RoboCop Art to Celebrate RoboCop Reboot

RoboCop, one of the few characters and franchises that actually began with a movie and not a book or a comic book will be a getting a reboot in the near future, with Sony agreeing to distribute the film that will be produced by MGM. We even have a director – Brazilian Jose Padilha, director of the Elite Squad movies (so far two).

RoboCop himself? Also confirmed as ‘The Killing’ cast member, Joel Kinnaman. RoboCop isn’t exactly a character that has a huge following in the wider geek community, but an interesting take on the Cyborg cop, along with a nicely done internet campaign, could become a nice re-launch pad for the series and Murphy himself.

I’m a big fan of the first movie, and I’m all for rebooting series that became completely crap. So, as a celebration for me and for the few RoboCop fans still¬†out there, here are the best RoboCop fan art floating around the web.

The first movie was done for a modest budget of $13 million, raking in more than $50 million, but more importantly, creating a franchise. More than 20 years ago, the importance of the ability to leverage success into many different mediums wasn’t such a factor like it is today.

In 1993 came the movie that killed the series. Robocop 3, no longer with Peter Weller, was a disaster. The budget was $22 million, but it brought home only $10 million.

The sequel to the movie was no longer a Paul Verhoeven creation, and was clearly a huge drop in quality compared to the first movie. Still, in terms of success and money compared to investment, the movie banked $45 million with a $14 million budget. This was already after video games and animated shows have surfaced and done rather well, showing just how bad the sequel was.