A Robotic Bear Pillow to Tickle Your Snoring Away

You can always expect robotic innovations and inventions from the IREX (International Robotic Exhibithion) which had its 19th version held at Tokyo with over 270 companies participating.

One of the more interesting looking robots was from Waseda University by one Doctor Kabe, who invented a robotic pillow that looks like a polar bear, in order to help with something that plagues over 2 million Japanese suffering from Sleep Apnea a.k.a. Chronic Snoring.

The person sleeps on with his finger on a small beat. A pulse-oxygen meter, while the pillow itself is a bigger bear, which has a microphone, analysing and measuring the the decibel levels created by the snoring. Problems with breathing? Snores getting too loud? The bear just lifts a hand, tickles the sleeper so he moves/adjusts his head, and SHAZAM, problem solved.