Robotic Bartenders May Soon Replace Human Ones

There is nothing better than a great drink that is served by a friendly bar tender. Many people like me love ‘chatting up’ bar tenders and when they reciprocate, you either get an extra shot or someone to go home with at the end of the night.


However, these little pleasures of life may soon be replaced by mechanical and robotic bar tenders which will mix drinks well and serve them in a cold and mechanical manner. With that in mind, Sir-Mix-a-Bot’ – the robot bartender was created by someone called Dave with the help of his brother who is doing a PhD in robotics. the guy had started the robotic bartender project way back in 2002 but had given up on the project until his interest was rekindled again.

All that he needed to do was use the same electronic arm and spruce it up with some modern coding with the help of his brother, and voila! The robotic bar tender was all ready to be taken home and bragged about. I only hope the local bar doesn’t get a robotic bar tender as I still like to chat up the bar tender who is extra sweet to me. If you have such adorable experiences with your local bar tender do let us know in the comments section below. On the flipside, some bar tenders can be really mean and mix toxic tasting stuff in your drinks.

In such times, a robotic bar tender sounds like the right way to get the offending bar tender sacked out of the door. You could also take a look at the 13 Liquor Dispensers we had listed sometime ago. The Japanese Beer Robot is a great device for those beer guzzlers. I would say, I still like the idea of human bar tenders that not only look charming but mix real awesome drinks and listen to your sob stories after you get high.