8 Amazing Shadow Sculptures

If you plan on making it in the cutthroat world of Shadow Scuplture art, you better know to do more than just bunny ears with your hands. For example, Diet Wiegman is someone who has a bit more talent than the bunny trick.

Wiegman’s shtick is to take abstract sculptures, meaning pretty much nothing when you see them in the flesh, and turn them into something completely different, coherent and most of the time symbolizing something once you cast the light on the sculpture, getting a completely different result in the shadow cast upon the wall.

Michael Jackson Shadow Sculpture

The King of Pop is resurrected with a simple spotlight aimed at the sculpture from a very specific angle. Similarly, Wiegman recreates the Venus de MiloAtlas, and even Michelangelo’s David. He often uses not just creating a shadow from the shape he sculpted  but loves to play with angles and reflecting light off different surfaces to create varied and usually quite incredible results upon the unsuspecting wall.

Shadow Sculpture

Chair Shadow

World Shadow Art

Shadows & FLames

David Shadow Sculpture

Joker Shadow Scuplture

Atlas Shadow Sculpture

Some sculptures aren’t about light, shadow and hard to obtain stuff. Some of it is about baloons, and if you’re into them, which I’m sure you are, you’ll probably enjoy these 14 geeky Balloon designs.

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