Crazy Man Rolls Down the Alps in Rollerblade Suit

If you thought rollerblading was a fad of the 1990s, wait until you see what one guy has done: building a suit with rollerblade wheels attached to it and flying down the Swiss Alps.

Jean Yves-Blondeau, aka Rollerman, is the guy who dreamed this up. The idea is so crazy, only a Frenchman could have thought of it. (Just kidding, France! I’ve visited your lovely country before and your food is fantastic. Seriously. Those Airbus planes are pretty neat, too.)

Jean Yves-Blondeau, aka Rollerman, on the Swiss Alps

A video shows Rollerman doing what he does best: rolling, rolling, rolling down a dangerously winding road on the Swiss Alps, even passing a motorcycle, wearing his suit with rollerblades attached to it. He even rolls under a tank. Then the video cuts to South Korea for some reason, with Rollerman sampling some of the local cuisine. Then he rolls through dense traffic, which is even crazier than rocketing down the Alps. If that’s not enough, Rollerman zooms down what appears to be a luge track in Germany, past picnickers and graffiti artists who wonder what’s happening.  As a testament to how dangerous this all is, there’s a shot of him dealing with a bloody nose. Finally, a cut back to Rollerman on the Alps, being awesome yet again.

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