Make Your Wardrobe Portable with a Rolo Travel Bag

One of the most complicated aspects of traveling is trying to organize all of the clothes you’ll need so that they take up as little space as possible. The Rolo travel bag solves that problem while still being stylish.

This travel bag started its journey on Kickstarter back in November 2013, where its creators, Benjamin Taller and Cheryl Mascari, managed to raise about $7,000 more than the funding goal. Ben and Cheryl came up with the idea of designing the Rolo travel bag while backpacking through Europe. Rolo organizes the clothes you might need while trekking in a manner that doesn’t require you to unpack. As though that wasn’t enough, the clear mesh sections (two large & two small) enable you to know at all times where everything is, so that you can remove it and use it without any hassle.

Rolo comes with a hanging hook that definitely makes it look like some kind of a Dopp kit. The similarity goes even further, as the Rolo back provides quick access to all of the items stored in it right after you unroll it. And now you also know where the name came from.

Let’s be honest, placing clothes in any other type of bag that’s still suitable for traveling or backpacking would have you digging for the right socks or shirts endlessly, but Rolo does away with that problem.

There are more benefits to the design than just making all of the clothes accessible. By keeping the clothing flat, Rolo manages to maximize storage space, not to mention that at the same time it minimizes wrinkled garments. You might not care that much about wrinkles if you’re backpacking, but if you’re just traveling, then it’s an entirely different story. Either way, the Rolo travel bag should be more than enough for storing two days worth of clothes.

Portability is yet another aspect that’s tackled gracefully by the Rolo travel bag. There are multiple options of carrying it around, and it all depends on what you’re planning to use it for. If you’re backpacking, then feel free to attach it to your backpack using the included hook. On the other hand, if you’re simply traveling, then you can always use it as a shoulder bag. The creators of this travel bag have really taken all things into consideration when designing it

Check out the following video to get a better idea of how the Rolo travel bag looks and works in real-life scenarios.

The Rolo travel bag currently retails for $61, but our store, Walyou Deals, has it for $45 for the next six days, so if you want to make digging in bags a thing of the past, you should really consider using a product such as this one. All orders are shipped for free to continental US addresses, and the deliveries are expected to take place between March 25 and 28.

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