13 Incredible Star Wars Lamps

Brightening your day is important, but metaphors aside, you need actual light. That’s a thing. And because things always get better with Star Wars, here’s our list of Star Wars lamps. 

Star Wars Lamp Darth Vader 3D


It seems Star Wars is all the world can talk about, and we can’t blame anyone. With the most recent film Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens becoming a smash hit at the box office it seems the series is back in full force (no pun intended). That is why countless Star Wars productions have started appearing all around the web, and we have been compiling the most interesting or fun of those and sharing them with our readers. This time around, we have lamps inspired by the iconic series, so without further ado, here are our favorite Star Wars Lamps!

Star War Darth Vader 3D color changing USB desk lamp

Star Wars Lamp Darth Vader 3D

There is a good reason why we decided to start off the list with this amazing Darth Vader 3D lamp. This beauty right here has a touch button which can make it switch between red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, pink, and white, or make it change automatically. It can be plugged straight to the wall, or via USB to charge its battery for improved portability, with the creators even offering alternatives for US, UK or EU adapters so you can buy from anywhere in the world. This lamp costs $32.99.

Imperial Walker At-At Table Lamp

Star Wars Empire Strikes Back At-At Lamp

We are going to have to have this conversation again in the future, after all the new movies come out, but as of now, Star Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back remains the fan favorite (right?), and now you can show your appreciation for what is probably one of the most remembered scenes in the entire saga with this AT-AT lamp. The walkers from the planet Hoth cost $20.05 USD and is a beautiful 3D lamp that can be carried anywhere, be plugged to the wall, or be charged via USB.

Star Wars 3d Millennnium Falcon Lamp

Star Wars Millennium Falcon 3D Lamp

Similar to the previous lamps, but this time on the Rebel’s side instead of the Empire’s, this lamp features Han Solo and Chewie’s iconic ship, the Millennium Falcon, beautifully recreated as a 3D sculpture that lights up. This Millennium Falcon Lamp shares the same basic features of the lamps we included above (can be charged via USB and transported, and users get to pick its charger) and costs $25.28, which is not that expensive for such a detailed treat.

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Desk Lamp

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Lamp


LEGO Star Wars has sort of become its own brand, thanks to its beautiful aesthetics and love for the most quirky aspects of the smash hit saga. The thing is, Star Wars and LEGO work really well together because of how iconic some of the characters are, and how well this translates to LEGO and this isn’t more evident for any character other than Darth Vader himself, who inspired this LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader lamp, which you can currently get on sale for just under $45 USD, $25 below its usual price. What’s best, the lamp can be used with or without the base so it’s not only a great light alternative, but also a beautiful decoration for Star Wars fans.

Star Wars 3D R2-D2 USB lamp

Star Wars R2-D2 3D lamp

Of course there was going to be at least a few Star Wars lamps inspired by R2-D2, the iconic and beloved droid from the series who is one of the few character to have shown up and do important things in each and every single movie! This Star Wars R2-D2 3D Lamp features a touch button to change between red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, pink and white, and measures 9.35*4.71*0.15″(23.8*12*0.4cm) ; base: 3.42*3.42*1.69″ (8.7*8.7*4.3cm); USB cable: 58.95″ (150cm). It can be used by plugging it straight to the wall or to a USB port to charge its battery for further independence.

Star Wars Darth Vader Lamp

Star Wars Darth Vader Lamp

If you would rather have a more traditional lamp, as in one to put in a young kid’s nightstand, here’s a Darth Vader Table Lamp featuring the dark lord of the Sith in all his glory, featuring his helmet and red lightsaber just the way we remember him from the classic movies. This beauty is a fantastic budget option at under $23 USD, and when you factor in the free shipping, it becomes even more tempting, especially if you’re trying to get a Star Wars themed bedroom for the kids.

Star Wars Lightsaber Lamp

Star Wars Ligthsaber Lamp

Here is a more traditional lamp that  manages to still be really geeky but not as in-your-face as previous models because it doesn’t feature a character’s likeness. Instead, this time around we get one of the iconic lightsabers from the movies, in this case, Anakin Skywalker’s – we can tell because of the hilt. This lamp features 8 different colors or an automatic mode in which it switches around and varies the brightness, and even features sound which can be turned on or off. We are guessing it’s gonna be off most of the time, but hey, it’s a nice feature regardless! This Star Wars Lightsaber Room Light is currently on sale at 25% off, and you can get it for just under $23 USD.

Star Wars Kylo Ren 3D Wall LED Light

Star Wars Kylo Ren 3D LED Wall Light

It hasn’t been that long since the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, but Kylo Ren has already become one of the most well known characters from the new trilogy. This Star Wars Kylo Ren 3D Wall LED Light features the likeness of the new villain from the series as a really cool, 100% official merchandise, 3D wall light. It also comes with the crack sticker so it looks like he came smashing through the wall, and also features cordless functionality with high-duration energy efficient LED bulbs so you don’t have to mess around with it a lot. It is going to require 3 x AA batteries, and has a size of approximately: 21.5cm x 13cm x 32.5cm. You can purchase yours for $63.30.

Star Wars Yoda Nighstand Lamp

Star Wars Yoda Lamp

Here’s another lamp of the more traditional kind, this one featuring arguably one of the biggest stars from the entire Star Wars franchise. Although this Star Wars Yoda Lamp is meant for little kids, it’s not like this lamp wouldn’t be great in any desk around the house that could use some light for reading your favorite extended universe comics. This pull-chain lamp plugs straight to the wall and doesn’t require any type of charging or batteries, costs $39.99, and is the perfect present for the younger Padawans that grew up with the Clone Wars cartoons.

Star Wars 3D BB-8 USB lamp

Star Wars BB8 3D lamp


The cute BB-8 quickly became a hit with fans after the release of the seventh movie in the series, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. The ball-droid also has a 3D lamp inspired by him that you can buy for $25.99 with free shipping. Like most similar lamps that we talked about above, the Star Wars 3D BB-8 USB lamp can be plugged straight to any wall or charged via USB. It features several colors you can pick and choose from including red, white, blue, yellow and more, and the best of all, the mode in which it cycles through all of them automatically.

Star Wars R2-D2 EVA Lamp

Star Wars R2-D2 EVA Lamp

This beautiful Disney Star Wars R2D2 EVA Lamp is the perfect addition to any playroom or bedroom in the house. The colorful lamp features the likeness of R2-D2, the most well-known character in the Star Wars saga of movies, and is beautifully crafted in EVA. The lamp emits a soft glow that can be used for night light, but it is also almost a toy by itself for being so well crafted (although you don’t want your kid to play with electricity). The lamp costs $21.78 with free shipping so here’s a great option worth considering for the little ones.

Star Wars Darth Vader Wall Lamp

Star Wars Darth Vader 3D LED Wall Light

Similar to the Kylo Ren lamp featured above, the Star Wars Darth Vader Wall Lamp is a fantastic cordless option to use in any room around the house. This light mounts to any wall on top of a crack sticker which the user can either use or not, and it features three settings On/Off/Timer (30 minutes) you can pick from. This lamp costs $37.99, which is way below the cost of the Kylo Ren one, but hey, that’s what happens when you are yesterday’s news, right? Too soon?

Star Wars Death Star USB Powered Mood Light

Star Wars Death Star Desk Lamp

Throughout the movies, the Death Stars kept getting bigger and scarier, but luckily, there’s always been a few X-wing pilots around to take them down whenever they got too dangerous. It is definitely not the case with the Star Wars Death Star USB Powered Mood Light, which is just meant to be a beautiful, detailed replica of the iconic station. It is a mood light with push down on/off function that measures some 18cm diameter and has a transparent base to give ‘floating’ impression. You can get your own for $41.19 with free shipping.

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