13 Amazing Paper Cardboard Cutouts Art By Rich McCor

Instagram brought filled our lives with plenty of talented people taking awesome pictures and then sharing it with the world.

Taking a good picture shot isn’t necessarily difficult nowadays. Most of us have a great phone with a high quality camera. We also use tons of filters and apps to ensure that the pictures we take are end up looking professional. But no matter how advanced our cameras get, there’s something that technology can’t give us if we don’t have it:Creativity. Sometimes all you need to produce a truly stunning picture is an eye for the right moment or setting, which some think is something that can’t be taught.

Well in this case Rich McCor is showing off his one of a kind gift: Creating Paper Cutouts Art. Using some well placed paper cuts, McCor creates some truly one of a kind picture art.

Rich Celebrating His Birthday

London City Hall

Breaking Bad



Star Wars


Spiderman at King’s Cross Station



Samuel Beckett Bridge

Lion King



Siege Bell Tower, Malta


Mona Lisa, Louvre



Arc de Triomphe Lego

After exploring Rich’s photos one thing is clear: The dude travels a lot! 🙂 If you are feeling creative and inspired from seeing this paper cuts gallery, you can read and find out more details on kickstarter.

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