Could the Rumoured Sony i1 Smartphone Take Over the Market?

Sony have certainly grabbed a large piece of the smartphone market with their Xperia phones but could their new phone, the Sony i1, see them takeover for good?

Sony i1 image

In a market that’s flooded with ‘i’ labelled whotsits and an assortment of Galaxy this and thats, selling a phone to consumers that doesn’t include the word ‘Apple’ or ‘Samsung’ in the title is going to be a difficult task. Taking it on with the might of a thousand tech giants, is Sony, who have made good headway with their Xperia phones, which have proved to be high-quality, hard-working and most importantly, affordable. Now, they’re looking to release a phone to obliterate everyone else out of the water, as the Sony i1 could be the best phone available yet.

Rumoured specs say that the i1 will include the latest Android software and will be the very first phone is existence to utilise Qualcomm’s extremely powerful Snapdragon 800 processor, which could see Sony’s new phone run apps and games at unprecedented and never before seen speeds.

All of the apps and games that the Sony i1 could run on its magnificent piece of processing power will look absolutely gorgeous on the phone’s reported 5-inch screen (the above image is a concept), which is said to feature both a new user interface from Sony as well as glossy visuals of up to 1080p HD. All of this is in no worry of lagging or stalling either as the phone is also packing 2GB RAM, which, in other words, is about as powerful you can get with a gadget as big as the palm of your hand.

Other info that’s been flying around is that the phone will have a 16-20 megapixel camera, plus plenty of space to store all of your captured photos and videos on with around 32GB of internal storage supposedly readily available.

And for the design-centric, the best news of all is that the Sony i1 will be made up of glass and metal, with traces of carbon-fibre and it will sit at 10 millimetres thick. Oh, and it will be water and dust resistant too, making it one of the lightest and most well protected phones out there, as well as the most technically impressive.

The i1 will likely be out by the end of summer, but we can expect an official announcement from Sony soon.

Source : cnet

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