Windows 8 update coming this year, will be totally free

Mentions of a possible Windows 8 update have been circulating around the internet. Microsoft admitted last week it’s work on the upcoming patch codenamed Blue.


With details being few and far apart and with little more than a half-nod from the software giant, little information was known about Microsoft’s latest OS update. Tami Reller, the CMO/CFO of the company has come forward to give us a little more details during JP Morgan’s Technology, Media and Telcom conference, which began today and will end on the 16th of May.

In her statement, Reller mentioned that this update will cover both the PC variant and the ARM-based (for tablets) operating system and will be completely free of charge for its users. Although no details on the release date have been mentioned, a public preview is stated to be released on June 26th and made available to those who wish to try out the new features and changes before they go live. There’s still no details whatsoever as to what exactly all of these changes will actually be, but Microsoft said that it will address the feedback left by customers since the release of Windows 8 and RT.

It’s important to note that Microsoft’s flagship OS has sold relatively well, but has still been seen as generally in a less-than-favorable light by many power users due to the inclusion of the Metro UI and the lack of compatibility with some older pieces of software. Although this is nowhere near Vista-levels of catastrophic failure, it remains to be seen if this update will provide users with the features they actually want, and not another social network integration that no one really asked for. Either way, windows 8 users can expect a bunch of new features coming later this year.

Source : IGN

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