PlayStation Network Adding Indie Games Section

Sony gives Indie games a brighter spotlight with a new channel on the PlayStation Store.

Sony indie games section image 2.jpg

Over what seems like a year, Sony has made a well-publicized push for the Indie Gaming scene, supporting small-dime developers through their Pub Fund program (hello 2012’s Papo & Yo) and greatly easing the path to publishing on the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

Tuesday saw another friendly gesture to earn the hearts of Indie game makers with Sony introducing a “Indie Games” channel on the PlayStation Store. The section should be up by the time of this story and will, obviously, highlight a ton of awesome Indie game content.

And in front of many eyeballs as possible – getting a moderate splash panel on the PlayStation Store’s home page and a separate column in the “Games” section – ensuring that the likes of Retro City Rampage and Sound Shapes get the attention they rightfully deserve.

Sony indie games section image 2

I totally dig the wizardy-moves Sony is making towards incorporating Indie developers not only in bolstering the catalogue of the PS3/Vita, but also for the forthcoming PlayStation 4. It’s a smart plan considering they’ll need that wealth of gaming content for their fresh platform.

It’s the games, of course, that decide the success of brand new gaming hardware, and if you want to know the latest gaming news concerning said upcoming consoles, or just for the heck-of-it know what Super Mario Bros. characters look as hipsters, then is your man.