Bobble This Way: Run DMC Bobbleheads

Run-DMC may not have been the first rap group, but they were the first to take the hip hop sound and culture out of the inner cities and into the rec rooms and middle school dances of the nation. Before Reverend Run (Joseph Simmons), DMC (Darryl McDaniels) and Jam Master Jay (Jason Mizell) released the seminal album “Raising Hell,” the average white American thought rap was something you did to your Christmas presents. In honor of their place in musical history, Funko has released a set of bobble head dolls for $9.99 each to commemorate these pioneers of the art form of rap.

All three members are here, each in their trademark black hats, jogging suits and sneakers. They even have their original facial hair. Now, you’d be forgiven for questioning the bobble head as an appropriate medium to celebrate the godfathers of music’s grittiest, most urban genre, but if you think about it, it’s a perfect fit. Imagine you’ve got one (or all three) of the Run-DMC bobbled heads on your dashboard and “Walk This Way” pumping on the stereo. Seeing those heads bobble along to the beat will bring you back to the summer of 1985. Back when Run-DMC were about to take over the world and Aerosmith was just some washed up hair metal band.


Rapper, ordained minister, author, and reality TV star, if Joseph Simmons doesn’t deserve a bobble head, who does?


During his time with Run-DMC. Darryl McDaniels went through hell and back. He battled alcohol and depression and managed to come out on top as a respected elder statesmen of Hip Hop culture. And now he’s a bobble head!

Jam Master Jay

Credited as the creator of not only Run-DMC’s signature sound but also of their distinctive look, Jason Mizell was a musical pioneer who mixed old school rap and rock and roll in ways that inspired a generation of artists.

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