7 Super Star Wars Bobble Head Dolls

Bobble heads have been all the rage, from the common plastic creations to premium-looking novelty decorative pieces. With the Star Wars fever strong as an ox, Funko-inspired bobble heads have been made available and publicly announced recently.

Darth Vader Bobble Head

Darth Vader Bobble Head: $8.99

These bobbleheads take on a more ‘cutesy’ vibe than a realistic one, which makes a lot of sense. It can be quite difficult to make a Darth Vader bobble head as menacing and intimidating as the real character was. The Darth Vader bobble head is reminiscent of the Family Guy Darth Vader in their Star Wars parodies, mainly because of the oval shape of the head and tiny body. Still, as you can see, the figure itself is very detailed, with various colorful buttons and panels. The lightsaber is an essential touch, as I would never approve of a Darth Vader figure without one. Icing on the cake: the head looks extra bobbly.

Stormtrooper Bobble head

Stormtrooper Bobble Head: $8.99

The stormtrooper bobble head is posed in its usual threatening form, with the laser gun sticking right out. Similarly, the figure doesn’t look too intimidating, mainly because of the relatively large eyes and small body.

Greedo Bobble Head

Greedo Bobble Head: $8.99

I’m a bit surprised that Greedo was manufactured as a bobble head, but I must say that the turquoise figure turned out quite nicely. He looks much friendlier than his in-film counterpart. Greedo’s pose is similar to that of the stormtrooper. Also, note the funny texture in the forehead of this figure. I love the detail!

Han Solo Bobble Head

Han Solo Bobble Head: $8.99

Han Solo is also posed similarly, although I would’ve preferred the cool hip-shot pose. On second thought, that might not have turned out as well as I thought.

Chewbacca Bobble Head

Chewbacca Bobble Head: $8.99

The Chewbacca figure has a ton of fur, along with the characteristic gun. I think that the Chewbacca figure would be my favorite, simply because I think the simplicity yet realisticness of the figurine matches the character well.

Princess Leia Bobble Head

Princess Leia Bobble Head: $8.99

Princess Leia has her iconic small laser gun, and is dressed in her typical white dress. Still looks royal because of the silver belt, and the eyelashes too I suppose.

Yoda Bobble Head

Yoda Bobble Head: $8.99

If Chewbacca were my favorite figurine, Yoda would come in a close second. I saved him for last because I still think he looks the most awesome, although the head seems a bit off. This bobble heads eyes don’t seem to match his characters. Asides from that, the texture in his head is still good effort, as is the lightsaber.

These items are all available for pre-order and will be released in March 2011 as of writing date.

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