RunKeeper Looking To Be Facebook Of Fitness

Social media is quickly turning into the biggest and best sector of technology in the 21st century.  While this can turn into a pretty big negative in some regards, being able to share your fitness and goals can actually be quite the positive.

While people have long been using sites like Twitter to tell other people how well their workout went and how much they accomplished in the time they alloted to themselves.  Of course there is always the chance that their information is going to get sniffed out on sites such as Facebook but the awareness of internet security problems has led to social media sites ramping up their security.  Because of the better security, or because they simply don’t care, people are continuing to flock to social media sites and one of these particular sites is a fitness site called RunKeeper.


RunKeeper has already been heavily invested in allowing people to track their fitness levels with a number of different devices including the iPhone and specialized gadgets.  However, recently the company has started to take on tracking fitness in a whole new way by making working out through the internet a more social experience.  RunKeeper appears to be making a concerted effort to show people that even if they are working out on their own, they don’t have to keep their results private.

It is one thing to post on Twitter but the new  “healthgraph” that RunKeeper has begun touting is more than just a new way to track how you are doing in your workouts.  This particular app will allow you to also track how your friends on the site are doing and actually compare those results to show who is doing better for their sex, age and weight class.  This isn’t just about showing that you ran a mile longer than your girlfriend.  That wouldn’t really be all that impressive.  What this particular website does is actually show you how you are doing compared to other people in your health class and how you are doing in getting on track towards being healthy.  Fitness can be a truly social endeavor and it can be more interesting if you can make it a competition with others.  This is why RunKeeper could turn into an exercise juggernaut before too long.