FaceNiff: Security for Your Facebook Life

FaceNiff is an Android app that helps you sniff into other people’s Facebook account. No you are not mistaken; this is another Facebook account hacking app. You might have heard about Firesheep but this one goes a step beyond that. Where Firesheep did not WPA encrypted WiFi networks FaceNiff does. It is not suggested that you make use of it as it might be illegal to do so but the sheer fact that it is in existence should keep you on the alert.

Hacking has been a menace that many of us must have faced. Hackers have succeeded in sending out inappropriate messages to our contacts through our very own accounts. This not only caused embarrassment but leads to a lot of inconvenience too. With so many social networking sites we are not only owners of mail accounts but also members of these social networks. These societies exist in the ‘clouds’ and a little bit of carelessness on our part leads to unauthorized entries.

However, it is not always our carelessness that is the cause. At times it is the extra cleverness of another party that plays the trick. Same is the case with apps like FaceNiff. The developers of this new Android app have made it literally effortless to log into another persons Facebook account and take over as well. It will not be possible for the hacker to log in to the account. On the contrary he/she will have to wait for a legitimate user to log in. This log in data is intercepted by the app which then displays it on the hacker’s screen. From here the hacker is free to function on the foreign account. And all this is done over a public WiFi system or any other shared WiFi system.

That is not all. This app is not restricted to hacking into Facebook accounts alone. In fact it can also support Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, and Nasza-Klasa a Polish blogging platform.

One requirement of this app is that the phone should be rooted. This should not be a big deal for most people. Having hacked into a person’s account any ill intentioned person can cause mischief. The developers, however, claim that the development of this app has been for purely educational purposes and should be used with responsibility. There is no harm in getting the app but care should be taken to see to it that it is not misused. Besides it can also help learn about the possibilities of the app helping us be prepared.

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Via: Engadget & FaceNiff