Samsung Gear VR will set you back $199 USD

Samsung jumps into the VR race with its own set of goggles, which we now know will cost $199 USD.


The Galaxy Note 4 will have quite the companion device with the Samsung Gear VR, a virtual reality headset created by partnering with the Oculus VR team. Both the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the headset are scheduled to launch later this year, costing $199 USD for the headset and up to $799 for the phablet off-contract, which could go down to $299 with a two-year agreement.

The rumor goes that the Gear VR price would be translated as-is to Europe, where it would end costing $199 euros instead, marginally steeper than its overseas counterpart. This headset, albeit cheap, will only work paired with the Note 4 so it is not an alternative to the Oculus itself (that is, unless hackers have something to say about it) which by the end represents quite a sum, but sadly, such is the cost of being the first to dip your toes into an emerging technology.

Via Venturebeat

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