Samsung get ready to unveil their newest Galaxy

Samsung seem to be operating under the “new year, new galaxy” philosophy, and now that we know that a new device is coming Samsung have a new event coming to introduce it.

Cultura Geek Samsung Galaxy 1

Samsung has started sending out invitations to their latest Unpacked event, where the company will unveil the latest model to join the Galaxy family. This event is planned for March 1st at 12:30PM ET, the same day in which HTC will show their latest model. Despite this, the biggest bit of news seems to be that future models will take a page from the Galaxy Note Edge and feature a curved screen in their main line smartphones.

Cultura Geek Samsung Galaxy 2

A Twitter user took Samsung’s teaser images and completed them with what he thinks the new devices will look like:

In the last event of this type Samsung had unveiled the Galaxy S5 along with their latest smartwacthes and fitness bands, yet none of these ended up being the revolution they expected. This inspired the company to take a long look at their latest entries and go back to the drawing board, where they worked on fixing all the small annoyances users had been pointing out for a couple generations. Could Samsung be getting ready to get back on the top of the world? We’ll let you know by March.

Via: The Verge

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