Samsung patents a laptop with a phablet dock

Samsung have just patented a laptop model that has an integrated dock to plug in a phablet. It’s easy: the phablet will be the heart that powers and gives life to this computer.


The United States Patent and Trademark Office has revealed a project by Korean giant Samsung that will attempt to refloat an idea Motorola had a while ago, with their Atrix line. Samsung intend to create a laptop that will use a phablet dock which will, in turn, act as the heart and core of this computer. And here’s the most interesting bit: Samsung devices all run on Android OS, but this laptop would be running the computer’s own version of Windows instead.

The patent does not clarify whether this laptop will be functional at all by using just the tablet, if it will posess an additional battery or just drain from the tablet itself, and leaves us with more questions than answers: could this merely be a keyboard and screen to attach to our Galaxy phablets, or something entirely different and more interesting?


The Korean giant has not made any comments on this topic, regardless of this information being revealed. We do not know for certain when will there be official information, product specs, or even a code name for this project. What is certain, though, is that Samsung seem to want to dip their toes on an segment of the market that has been rather neglected as of late, and hope to design a product that, if done well, has a lot potential.

Motorola abandoned the idea after the release of the Atrix 2, a device that was perfectly functional and good enough, but failed to catch the interest of the masses. Now, Samsung attempt to take this segment and replace smartphones with phablets instead – will this make a difference?

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