Samsung and Samsonite are working on smart luggage

We live in the age of the Internet of Things, and even luggage are getting spectacular innovations that change everything we once knew.

Samsonite 02

Tech giants Samsung and Samsonite are working in a smart luggage, connected wirelessly and with a GPS, because, who wouldn’t like to know where their lost luggage is at?

These luggage can do a bunch of useful, neat tricks, such as display its location in case it was lost as it could happen in airports. Also, it has a system in which, in case it loses synchronization or can’t detect it nearby anymore, it will let you know as to prevent it from being stolen. Also, it will let us know if it has been opened at all ever since we started the trip.

Samsonite 01

Amongst other upcoming ideas, Samsung and Samsonite are working along with air companies such as Emirates, Lufthansa and KLM Air France to create convenient functionalities for these sets, like having a scale to measure its own weight, or check itself in automatically once it goes through an airport’s security gates, so users can just drop them in the front desk. Even crazier, these companies are toying with the idea of having these luggage follow the users around the airport autonomously, which would be particularly helpful for users with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs. These ideas won’t be present in the first prototype, but the future is coming, and we’ll be here to speak about it once it happens.

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