Samsung UHD TV: from flat to curved in just one command

Sadly, the only way to having the best of both worlds (curved and flat) when it comes to TV is to have the two of them… or that was the case until Samsung came along.

Samsung UHD TV

We’re not exaggerating when we call the Samsung team absolute geniuses at what they do, but this might be one of their best projects yet, and we’re running dangerously low on adjectives. TVs have been promoting new features such as 4k and curved frames as the next essentials, but some things just look better on a regular screen. Samsung solved the issue creating a bendable TV that will release in Korea on august 1st.

An 85-inch (wow, that’s HUGE!) was shown last January at CES, but these commercial units will be 78-inches instead. The cost hasn’t been made public yet, but we can assume it’s not gonna be cheap. Regardless, this comes as part of Samsung’s very own arms race with LG, who showed flexible OLED TVs at CES, and are now competing by releasing 105-inch (just wow…) Ultra HDTVs. Well, I know what I’m going to want as soon as one of these becomes commercially available and not ridiculously expensive…


Source: Engadget


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