Portable Bluetooth SSSSSpeaker Collapses to Make Different Sounds

The quality of sound can be easily altered by changing the shape of the source. Kiev-based aiia took advantage of this concept and introduced a portable Bluetooth speaker

SSSSSpeaker (the manufacturers probably assumed that the more they emphasize the first letter, the better the product is 🙂 ) has quite an unusual design, being more similar in shape to a suction cup, then to a speaker. However, it’s exactly the silicone cone defining its shape that gives this item a specific versatility. Depending on how much it’s collapsed, the SSSSSpeaker can reproduce sound in three different ways. Have I mentioned that this portable Bluetooth speaker also doubles as an anti-stress ball when needed? That’s probably a useful feature when you don’t like the music that’s being played.

On Kickstarter, SSSSSpeaker raised a bit over $20K, out of the $30,000 goal that aiia set for this campaign. At press time, there were 8 more days to go, and with proper advertising, the campaign could be a success. Should the project be funded, anyone who pledged $16/19 or $21/26 will get their wired or wireless SSSSSpeaker, respectively, this September.

For $5,000 or more, people have the chance of attending an individual workshop in Kiev, a 3-night stay at a 5-star hotel and a distributor starter’s kit. In other words, for that kind of money, you can become a partner of aiia and have your say in the future development of this product. Believe it or not, someone has already pledged $5,000 and will benefit from all these things, even though going to a country where there’s a civil war at the moment may not be the best idea ever, regardless of the business opportunities.


The ones who are not satisfied with the default speaker can choose to have it customized with their name or logo right where the aiia logo is placed, in front of the speaker. Bear in mind that SSSSSpeaker is already available in three different bright and joyful colors, so the degree of customization is pretty high with this product.

aiia had also set some stretch goals for the Kickstarter campaign, but seeing how the project performs, it’s safe to say that those goals won’t be reached. Who knows, if this crowdfunding campaign fails, maybe the developers will find a way to make SSSSSpeaker even more appealing.

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