Scientific Showdown – A Scientists Fighting Game

What if someone went to Albert Einstein and told him that Isaac Newton has been bad-mouthing him? I’m not sure how things work in the afterlife, but wouldn’t it be cool if it would lead to Street Fighter like showdown?

It’s hard to believe a fighting game showcasing famous scientists dueling it out, using their own “powers” to annihilate each other, wouldn’t become a huge hit, even in browser-game form.

According to the artist, Sam Berube, these are Mock-ups of a game that I am making, Scientific Showdown, in which famous scientists from throughout history throw down! The characters above (for those who do not already know) are Thomas Edison, armed with light-bulb powered arm blasters, Nikola Tesla, with electrokinesis, Isaac Newton, wielding the forces of gravity, Albert Einstein, moving at the speed of light, Marie Curie, super-charged with radioactive strength, and Irwin Schrodinger, with the incredible power of REALLY angry cats.

Scientific Showdown

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