Scribble Pen lets you work with 16 million colors

No matter what color you’re looking for, the Scribble Pen can replicate it. Or, considering it can do up to 16 million colors, will get you close enough.

Scribble pen

Talk about smart ink! As if this was a real life version of the pipette icon in image editing software, this pen is capable of imitating any color it gets in contact with. The Scribble Pen is a pen that samples any color, and can do up to 16 million different shades without having to sacrifice size in any way or form: it looks and feels just like a regular pen! If users tap something with the end of the pen, it will proceed to lay ink of that color next time it is used.

The Scribble pen can’t happen without help from its potential users, and is currently looking for funding via a Kickstarter campaign that has already met its initial goal. The San Francisco team developing the Scribble Pen claims to have been inspired by Microsoft Paint and Photoshop, specifically the function to replicate any one color. The question simply was “can we do this in real life?”.

The pen uses a 16-bit RGB color sensor paired with a microprocessor at the end of it, which is used to detect the color that is meant to reproduce. Then, the color is mixed in the barrel of the pen with dye inks parting with the usual cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white (in case more opacity is required).

The Scribble pen is capable of storing up to 100,000 unique colors at a time in its internal memory, and then reproduce them at will by using micro-dispensing components. All in all, it’s like a inkjet printer turned into a pen.The idea is to sell each ink cartridge separately with prices varying between $3–$10 each. The pen itself can be acquired via Kickstarter for $150 USD, but will sell for around $300 once it gets into retail.

Via The Guardian

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