Scubus S Is an HUD Diving Mask with HD Recording

Scuba diving already is a very entertaining activity, so the ability to see on an HUD all sorts of statistics and record in HD everything you see should make it even more so.

You wouldn’t be wrong to call the Scubus S the Swiss Army knife of diving masks, considering how many different roles it plays. The heads-up display and the HD recording capabilities are only two of the the features that make this scuba mask one of a kind. It should be mentioned that Scubus S (its developers must really love the letter “S”) was created with fun, as well as safety in mind. After all, you can only have total peace of mind when there are no unknown factors in the equation.

The ability to record in HD and store in digital format the memory of what might be a once in a lifetime experience is surely great, especially when the diving mask you’re using to film the whole thing also includes a flashlight. That makes it easy when you want to swim at night or if you go too deep for the sunlight to light up your way. Not to mention that you get to see some of the beasts from below before they see you. Besides, it’s an LED flashlight, so it’s strong enough, as well as energy efficient.

The mask’s Smart Shape Form technology ensures compatibility with all types of faces. The visor is made of anti-fog glass, and it’s great that the manufacturer has taken this into consideration, as well. After all, you don’t only need light, but also clear sight to know what’s ahead of you.

Probably the two most important features of this diving mask are the HUD and the ability to communicate with other divers. The manufacturers claim that this is the first HUD for divers, and while there are plenty of models for other sports, Scubus S indeed is a major novelty in the scuba diving world.

Scubus S will soon be the subject of a crowfunding campaign that will start on November 10 on Indiegogo, but the manufacturer has not mentioned the price of the mask. Several different versions will be available which will probably have the aforementioned features in various combinations.

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