HTC Re Is a Periscope-Like Smartphone-Compatible Handheld Camera

It looks like HTC is testing new waters with its handheld Re camera, a device that was quite a surprise for the entire world, given this Taiwanese company’s history.

HTC Re is a standalone camera that’s compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, so no one can accuse the manufacturer of discriminating anyone. The premise for making this camera is that smartphones are not always as convenient as standalone handheld cameras, and a prime example of that includes underwater photography.

This camera is waterproof, so it can be used while swimming or even when scuba-diving, should you be in the mood for taking pictures then. Having a lot of things in common both with GoPro cameras and with smartphone cameras, HTC Re proves to be a worthy companion when it comes to taking spontaneous pictures (just take care who you’re photographing). Judging by the promotional pictures that were used for the launch of this camera, the HTC Re could become the next best camera for selfies.

One of the most interesting features of HTC Re is that it doesn’t have a power button. Its integrated accelerometer is used for turning on the camera as soon as you pick it up. The 16 MP Sony CMOS sensor can capture 1080p video at 30 fps and slo-mo 720p at 120 fps. According to HTC, Re’s 820mAh battery should last for 1 hour and 40 minutes of video recording in full HD, or just about 1,200 still images. In case you’re not satisfied with the 8GB microSD card the camera comes with, you’re free to get a 128GB card, assuming you are willing to pay that much to extend the capacity.

There are a few problems with the HTC Re camera, though. First of all, this device must have one of the most uninspired names in the history of cameras, and of gadgets, in general. Secondly, it’s small (which sometimes is a good thing, but…) and therefore quite easy to misplace or lose. Not at last, HTC Re costs a whooping $200, which is a bit of a steep price, especially for a product of its kind. My advice is to get a compact camera for that money, as its sensor would produce much better pictures than the HTC Re ever could.

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