Giving Your Grandparents the Gift of Technology

This laptop is specially designed to cater to the computing needs of adults aged 65 and above. Plus, it’s a cool techie gift that will surely be appreciated. Now Grandma and Grandpa can send you email, follow you on Twitter, and add you up on Facebook!

Adult laptop 1

Senior citizens don’t have to be behind when it comes to the latest in communication technology. Think of this adult laptop as a means for the elderly to stay in touch with friends and family, wherever in the world they may be.

Adult laptop2


This project, entitled the Adaptive Computer, was conceptualized by industrial designer Ryan Klinger. His vision is to create devices that are not only focused on the technologically literate, but also for those who are still learning how to use them. This includes older members of society.


Sleek and chic with a luxury leather surface, this laptop is a handsome tech accessory. Plus, the Adaptive Computer has a convenient carrying handle for computing on the go. With a touch of a button, the laptop instantly opens up for easy access. The unique angle of the laptop keyboard and the LCD screen requires little neck movement, and thus prevents strain for adults who are typing.


The keyboard is also adaptive, with larger fonts and raised buttons, so Grandma and Grandpa can select the correct keys every time. The keys are also arranged in a manner that is easy to understand, without the other advanced buttons like the function keys regular laptops have. Even better, to prevent confusion when using peripherals like headsets and USB devices, there are colored symbols along the side which light up when devices are plugged in.


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Via: Yanko Design