Sense Helps You Regain Control Over Your Sleep

Sleep still is a mystery to us (and most importantly, to scientists), but at least this crowdfunded device simply known as Sense will help us be better at this time-costing activity.

It’s impossible to improve anything without proper feedback on the factors that influence it. The same goes with sleep, and according to Hello, the San Francisco-based developers of the Sense system, providing feedback on sleep patterns could help people turn this into a better experience.

The Sense system consists of three parts: a nightstand accessory that monitors your sleeping environment at night, the Sleep Pill (a sleep tracking devices that clips to your pillow inconspicuously), and a mobile app that, by the looks of it, will only be available on iOS.

By correlating the data collected by Sense and the Sleep Pill, the mobile app is able to generate a Sleep Score for each night, along with details that need to be adjusted in order to zZzzZZ better. Sense also records the loud noises that might have disturbed your sleep and enables you to play them back.

Assuming that you’re the type that can only fall asleep at the sound of rain that pours gently on your window, Sense can help you with that, even when the sky is clear. Its speaker can play white noise, pink noise or the sound of rain, so that you can slide easier to the other side.

The same speaker is used for the smart alarm that wakes you up when you’re the most relaxed, even if you haven’t had 8 hours of sleep. By tracking the sleep patterns, Sense can tell when an REM phase has ended, and hence, you can wake up completely refreshed, without feeling groggy.

The Sense sleep pattern tracking system is currently featured on Kickstarter, where it literally crushed its initial goal of $100K by having raised more than 9 times that. Moreover, at press time there were still 26 more days until the campaign’s end, so the tremendous success of this project cannot be denied. Pledging $99 will secure backers a Sense and a Sleep Pill. Considering that the pre-order price will be $129, it’s no surprise that thousands of people concerned about their sleep helped the developers of Sense to make the device a reality.

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