Sesame Street: Something Your Inner Child Just Won’t ‘Lego’

Who could forget this TV show that millions have already grown up with? For more than 40 years, Sesame Street has taught and entertained the young at heart and their kids; thus becoming an icon in the history of educational TV.
What better way to refresh those fond memories than with this cool Sesame Street Lego scene?

Sesame Street Lego

Sesame Street Lego Hoopers Store

Included in the creation is the apartment building, 123 Sesame Street, which is one of the most recognizable landmarks on the show. Another Lego-built structure is Hooper’s Store, a favorite hangout for many Sesame Street characters, complete with its display windows.

But what is more remarkable about the scene is the set of characters made from various types of Lego pieces. It takes an imaginative mind to even think that a white Lego antenna base can serve as eyeballs, as seen on Elmo, Super Grover, and Cookie Monster. There is a blocky Snuffy built from brown bricks with a telescope as a trunk, as well as his distinguishable buddy Big Bird, with a beak made from a yellow Lego nose cone.

Here are other key details worth mentioning. Oscar the Grouch is located on his usual position next to the apartment steps, and he really is in a Lego trash can. He is ingeniously made from a pair of inverted Minifigure legs with white round plates as eyeballs.

Sesame Street Lego Bert and Ernie

Plus, check out the second floor windows to see roommates Bert and Ernie looking out. Notice the creator’s fun way of using Lego pieces to resemble their vertical and horizontal striped sweaters.

For those who still can’t get enough of Sesame Street, there are tons of nifty items that keep the memory of this iconic show alive. Browse over these features on Bert and Ernie cufflinks, or this funny Elmo USB device.

Who says Sesame Street is kids’ stuff? For sure, even the grown-ups of today still want to reminisce with this unforgettable piece of their childhood.

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