Set-Top Box Filters Profanity

Finally we are living in a future where parents no longer need to be held responsible for the type of programming their children watch. Television has certainly been on a slippery slope of allowing foul language and explicit adult themes during evening broadcast hours, but now you can turn it back into squeaky clean fun with the TVGuardian.

TVGuardian, or TVG, is a foul language filter that plugs right into your television. It is an easy enough setup, just becoming a middle component between a cable box and the television, and will effectively eliminate television profanity. It will even work with DVRs and DVD players, so it’s tough for kids to find a way around the language block.

It is now new and improved to support HD programming so that you can have the clear resolution without the dirty words. All it takes is an HDMI cord from the HD source to the TVG, then from there to the television.

It works much like a network censor, muting out curse words that are programmed in. The TVG has a little bit of flexibility, letting you choose certain categories to mute out, while leaving others in. There are 3 main filter settings: Tolerant, Moderate and Strict. There are 3 more additional settings that customize to mute religious references or using religious words in vain, the use of Hell or damn, and any sexual reference. All three can be toggled off or on.

In addition, TVG also supports a feature that will substitute non-offensive words in place for the foul words in order to keep up with the story. For example “Move your ass!” becomes “Move your tail!” The words will still be muted but a filtered line of text will appear at the bottom of the screen.

The TVGuardian is not available in stores but is available through the company’s website. There are two standard options of $209.85 for the HD version or $139.50 for the standard definition version. There is also a special offer for pastors or church leaders to take advantage of the TVG for their church.

Let your teleivison do the parenting for you, afterall, I’m sure you deserve a break! Now if there was only a way to keep them from your violent video games.

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