NDS Offering for SFR Neubox Evolution

A technological advancement leads to a chain of requirements and related developments. Not very long back, a leading French telecom operator SFR announced the launch of its new age user interface named SFR Neufbox Evolution. This was termed as a revolutionary user friendly interface that was developed keeping the users’ advantages in mind. Close to the heels of this development comes the award winning design of a remote control especially designed for the SFR Neufbox Evolution.

NDS is one of the leading providers of solutions in the field of pay TV and it is no surprise that they have come up with the design of a remote control that can make TV viewing a lot simpler. This remote control has the ability to navigate through features like live TV, apps, time shifting, video on demand etc with ultimate ease all owing to the minimal number of buttons. In fact the user need not go through the user manual also to get a hang of the remote. It was for this design that the NDS Group was recently awarded with the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award.

The judges were impressed with the manner in which the product succeeded in creating a connection between the consumer and the product as well as the hardware and software. Hardware here refers to the NDS remote and software to the user interface. In any TV viewing experience the design of a product and the interface plays an important part. If the user finds any amount of difficulty in understanding the product or the interface he/she will immediately go for a change. Attracting customers is half the job done while the rest depends upon how they are retained. This NDS remote for the SFR Neubox Evolution is sure going to make TV viewing experience a joyful and comfortable one for all its viewers.

A look at the product itself has a lot to say about its design. It develops an instant appeal in the heart of the consumer which can be attributed to its ergonomic design, simple interface and solid black and white appearance. As stated by the Olivier Lacour, Vice President of NDS Studio Design, “the NDS design team has achieved the optimal balance between simplicity, ease of use and end-user functionality. We are extremely excited to have been awarded the Red Dot Product Design award . . . that differentiates this product from other remote controls.”

The Red Dot Design Awards are one of the world’s most renowned design awards in the world with over more than 14,000 entries coming from around 70 countries. With such an honor under their belt the NDS group is definitely in great spirits.

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