Tech Humor Of The Day: How to Insert a CD in the iPad 2

When you work with tech and read about the latest gadgets, there’s always one story that crops up which just begs a face palm or fits of laughter. A ticket opened on Apple’s Support forum begs the question “Is this person serious?” – a user asked if an iPad 2 can play back optical media.

The iPad 2 Can’t Play Back CDs

But, the story gets better. Poster Michael K. W started with this response:

“I’m trying to put a cd into the iPad 2 to play a track but the slot underneath the screen won’t allow me. What can I do?”

After some subtle and not so subtle jabs at Michael’s lack of knowledge or concept of why tablets don’t have optical drives, he followed up with more posts leading to ensuing hilarity.

I’ve been trying for the past few hours. Seems like it won’t fit!!
Should I return my iPad?

I don’t want to risk damaging my iPad. Can I get an external CD/DVD drive and plug it into my iPad. I just ripped all my CDs apart and they’re not showing up in my iTunes library. Apple should really release a fix for this!

That’s impossible. Apple made a device that can’t play CDs? Isn’t that the whole point of iPod? Putting in a lot of CDs? Thanks to RaddMann, I ripped most of my favourite CDs… but they are still not showing up on my iPad. I mean.. wth?!

Just a note to anyone buying a tablet or specifically an iPad 2 – it doesn’t play CDs.