18 Greatest Sand Sculptures Ever Made

Summer means more time at the beach, and for those of us who love to spend their time on the sand instead of the water, making things out of sand is a pretty good idea.

Some of us can only make mountains of sand or try and dig to the bottom of the earth when they’re at the beach, but some people are so talented they make these sand sculptures, which are usually elaborate castle designs, but also other things.

A Sand Castle in the Palm of Your Hand

Miniature Sand Castle

Sand Castle – The Illuminated Version

Iluminated Sand Castle

Is That Dragon Guarding, or Attacking the Castle?

The Dragon Guarding the Castle

The Castle, Sand and the Marriage Proposal

Marriage Proposal

Superman and Some Sand Crystals

Sand and Superman

A Dinosaur Loungin’ in the Sun

Sand Dinosaur

A Different Kind of Coca-Cola Bottle

Sand Coca Cola bottle

Landscape Made of Sand

A Landscape made of sand

Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família

La Sagarde Familie

Sand Octopus Looking Creepy

Octopus Looking Creepy

The Very Rare Sandy Angry Bird

The Rare and Angry Sand Bird

The Killing Sand Shark

Sand Shark

Spanish Surrealistic Art On the Beach

Surreal Sand Sculpture

A Couple in Bed

A Couple in Bed

Pirates’ Skeletons Buried With  the Treasure

Pirates Buried With Their Treasures

A Ship on a Seas of Sand

Ship on a Sea of Sand

A Burger Made of Whole Pigs (Criticism?)

Pig Burger

The Impossible to Find Sand Horse

The Impossilbe to Find Sand Horse

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